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[12 Jan 2006|07:24pm]

i want to delete all this shit, if anyone can tell me how??? I am pretty much computer illiterate these days...
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[17 Jun 2002|01:36am]
[ mood | awake ]

Ive got my first exam tomorrow and its now what 1.33am and i havent studied hahah
im so shit
fuck it tho
i dont care!

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[12 Jun 2002|09:49pm]

Find your emotion!

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[12 Jun 2002|09:45pm]
[ mood | sore ]

You are 70% evil! [?]

Hey, you're pretty damn evil. You've been out partying way more than once, and you're quite the little devil, but I guess you've still got some good in you. Maybe only to family...

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[05 Jun 2002|10:41pm]


I act like I'm 10.
This test was brought to you by James - Part of the David and James phenomenon. Take it here.

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[04 Jun 2002|05:40pm]

I Will Die in an Auto Accident.
The last thing you remember is being thrown through you're windshield and face first into the hitch of the truck in front of you. Doing 80 in a 25 zone might have seemed impressive to the girl in the passengers seat.. to bad she died as well
Find out how you will die, Take the Death Quiz now!
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[04 Jun 2002|05:05pm]
[ mood | good ]

i got sent home today from work at 9.30
im feeling heaps better now though which is good
only 2 days left of work before the longggggggggggg weekend

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[02 Jun 2002|12:34pm]
[ mood | sick ]

I am so sick its not funny, it feels like im dying. I want to get better but i dont think i will. Well i know i will but it feels like its gonna take so long. Yuck, fuck being sick!

I have a claims meeeting on wednesday, but i want to have monday and tuesday off work cuz im so weak, but fuck what am i going to do.
I better get bettter by friday cuz im going on holidays!

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[27 May 2002|09:33pm]
and sometimes
i want to die
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[27 May 2002|08:53pm]
[ mood | guilty ]

I joined a gym today and its gonna cost me over 1000 dollars hahah
fuck knows why i did it, i feel pretty guilty about it now tho
maybe ill have to move to perth again to cancel it

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[26 May 2002|01:12pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

i hate waiting around
answer your phone
fuck me

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[09 Apr 2002|09:16pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

haha im joining a "study group" for uni. What a geek!

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[06 Mar 2002|10:19pm]
[ mood | bored ]

guess what?
tristan just told me u can get prisoner on dvd and video
you beauty!

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5 mins!! [01 Mar 2002|10:55pm]
**The YOU Side**

01. Full Name: Nicole
02. Nicknames: nic, "chopper"
03. Screen name[s]: magnacite
04. Age: 21
05. Sex [no not that kind sicko, male/female/I
forget?]: female
06. Birthday: 07/10/1980
07. Zodiac sign: Libra
8. Birth Location: Bankstown Hospital
9. Height: uhh 165 cm ?
10. Hobbies: shows,drinking, the internet!!!!!!!! not really but im bored

**The CRUSH Side**

11. Crush: nope
12. Girlfriend/Boyfriend: nope
13. If you could go out with anyone in the world, who
would it be: tom cruise
14. When and who was your 1st crush?: ummm year 2 and my bestfriend who vomitted on my desk
15. What do you first notice about the opposite sex
[looks alone]?: uh shit question
16. Your idea of a perfect date: i dont do dates
17. How romantic are you? [1-10]: 1
18. Biggest turn-on: kebab breath
19. Ideal girl/guy: luke buddle (haha)
20. Most romantic thing that happened to you: im not into "romance"

**The PAST Side**

21. Memory [thing] you miss most: being young and not having any resposibility etc
22. If you could go back in time, where would you go: uhh the first day of school so i could change everything
23. Thing that you regretted doing after you had done
24. Memory you would like to forget: uhh
25. Last song you listened to: thanks-lifetime
26. TV show you wish they would re-air again: degrassi

**The FUTURE Side**

27. Occupation: A grade prossie
28. Dream Car: i dont dream about cars
29. Marriage: when im 30
30. Kids: yeh
31. Honeymoon: vivaaaaa las vegas
32. Where will you live?: cabramatta, im going to marry a halfie

**The FAVORITES Side[there are lots of these!]**

33. Food: anything with sugar
34. Drink: vodka
36. Movie: too many
37. CD: too many
38. Band/Group: magnacite
39. Singer: me
40. Color: black, purple
41. Actor: the guy off prisoner
42. Actress: the girl off prisoner
43. Holiday: anything which gives me day off work
44. Number: 7
45. Ice Cream: some sara lee shit i had last year
46. Candy bar: anything except turkish delight
47. Restaurant: AROY!!!
48. Type of music: pass
49. Song: less than nothing
50. Music Video: i havent watch tv hits in years, the only ones i can remember are michael jackson ones
51. Sport: "surfing" the net
52. Website: whateva


53. 'N Sync OR BSB: NSYNC
54. Peanut butter OR Jelly: peanut butter
55. Coke OR Pepsi: pepsi
56. Boxers OR Briefs: girl or guy?
57. Matt OR Ben: neither
58. MTV OR VH1: channel V
59. Apples OR Oranges: apple
60. Vanilla OR Chocolate: vanilla
61. Flowers OR Candy: candy
62. Dawson's Creek OR Felicity: neither
63. Romantic, Comedy OR Horror: comedy (faggot)
64. Book OR Magazine: either
65. TV OR Radio: uhh
66. Is the glass half full OR half empty?: i hate this question

**The HAVE YOU EVER Side**

67. Been on a plane: yeh
68. Cried in public: yup
69. Climbed a tree: yeh
70. Fell asleep in a Movie Theater: yeeeeeh
71. Kissed a guy/girl: yup
72. Met a celebrity: yeh
73. Met the president: only of china
74. Been scared to get a shot: nope, im tough
75. Gotten a cavity: yup
76. Shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch: i dont even know what fitch is
77. Had an online relationship: yeh all the time
78. Did the nasty: yah
79. Made prank calls: haha yes
80. Gone skinny dipping: nope
81. Skipped school: yeah
82. Loved somebody so much it made you cry: yeah


83. [a] sitting on a wet toilet seat OR [b] finding
out there is no TP half way through: A cuz its probably wet cuz of piss
84. [a] kissing someone who just threw up OR [b]
kissing someone who just ate taco bell: a..
85. [a] you don't know how to ride a bike OR [b] you
don't know how to roller blade: a
86. [a] you lose a finger OR [b] you lose a toe: a
87. [a] you are a rotten apple OR [b] you are chunky
milk: b
88. [a] watching reruns of Full House OR [b] watching
reruns of Gilligans Island: Full House rocks


89. Dog/Cat:. dog
90. Blue/Purple : purple
1. Chocolate/Vanilla: vanilla
92. Underwear/Bra: bra, tits dont leak much
93. Pen/Pencil:. pen
94. Plumber/Trash man: plumber
95. Ear/Eye: eye
96. Rich and unhappy/Poor and happy: im poor and im happy so yeh
97. Tall/Short: tall


98. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: nope
99. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?: black
100. Do you like this survey?: no
101. One pillow or two, cotton or feather?: 1 and cotton
102: Last CD you bought: do blank ones count ?
103. How long are you in the shower?: 7 mins i think
104. How do you eat a Reese's Peanut Buttercup?: with my mouth
105. Feelings on abortion: depends on the situation
107. Is Tupac alive?: who cares
108. Thoughts on Britney Spears: uhh
109. What does your screen name mean?: why do u care
110. Who do you most admire?: my dog
111. Right, Left, or Ambidextrous?: left
112. What is on your mouse pad?: HIH insurance logo
113. What is under your bed?: my dog
114. How many licks does it take to get to the center
of a Tootsie Pop?: what the fuck is a tootsie pop
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[01 Mar 2002|10:50pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

im going out in 10 mins so the nerd i am just came to write on here that i will be leaving my house in approximately 10 mins to head into the city to go to sublime and laugh at all the geeks that look 16 and then dry up and come home at 6am
wow im cool

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[01 Mar 2002|06:28pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

well well well good news, my pork chop (new haircut) admin is leaving! YES! I swear i did so many high fives when i found out!!!
I hate claims reviews, i hate having to do them by myself and i hate trying to talk about shit i know nothing about
I like lunch time tho
Im going round to Kristys to drink some cheap wine (YEH!!) and then i think im gonna head into sublime with carol, mad ay
not really
3 2 1
fuck u atrak
u know what else i hate, colour stay lipstick, i love that it stays on all day but i hate when u start getting leb lips.
Ah i cant sit still, i feel like laughing but i have nothing funny to laugh at

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[28 Feb 2002|09:56pm]
[ mood | happy ]

i love shopping, i love spending money on shit i dont need, i love getting new phones, i love vodka, i love finding a 1.25 litre of it in my cupboard unopen, i love bluding at work, i love presents from claimants, i love you

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[27 Feb 2002|08:53pm]
[ mood | sore ]

im buggered!!!
me and kristy thought we'd go get fit and went to aerobics and fuck i can see we are gonna be so sore tomorrow
bed time now

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[27 Feb 2002|03:53pm]
yucki really hate funerals
and i hate when u cry and ur nose runs and u dont want to blow it cuz u dont want to make too much noise
fuck death
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[27 Feb 2002|10:26am]
[ mood | cheezy ]

You my friend special friend i give thanks to you my dear friend i won't pretend and say til the end but take time now and say thank you i never said i was the best friend i could be the friend that you need but still i take time to thank before its too late a face in the crowd is what our friendship become i thank you for the time talked all night and for the time you told me id be alright thank you for listening and hearing my side thank you for being my friend thank you for being alive.

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